Ripple (XRP) ETF Could Gain Approval If They Win SEC Lawsuit; Rollblock (RBLK) Set To Follow Pepe (PEPE) In Making New ATH

The possibility of Ripple (XRP) ETFs being approved is gaining increasing support from crypto enthusiasts within the altcoin market. Recently, an XRP ledger validator conducted a poll which revealed that 65% of respondents believe an XRP ETF is likely by 2025. Ripple coin is more likely to experience this if it wins the SEC lawsuit that has dragged since 2022. On the other hand, investors are also eyeing Rollblock (RBLK) token, the new iGaming token with incredible potential for gains this year. Just like Pepe coin, whose price recently toppled over three all-time highs, Rollblock is also expected to see a new ATH in a few weeks, while undergoing its ICO journey.

Rollblock (RBLK) Sets Itself for New ATH In Few Day’s Time Amid Surging Interest 

In the past few weeks since Rollblock (RBLK) was launched, the iGaming token has seen over 20% increase with the total funds raised in its presale, nearing $500K. The appeal that Rollblock brings to the GameFi market is how it leverages blockchain technology to revolutionize the online iGaming industry by addressing key issues of security, scalability, and transparency. This, together with its capacity for 150 games and support for over 20 cryptos is bound to give members an immersive experience.

However, probably the most intriguing perk about Rollblock platform, which places it among top altcoins to buy, is its revenue share model. The project plans to distribute up to 30% of its daily revenue to RBLK token holders through weekly payouts. To facilitate this, Rollblock will purchase RBLK tokens from the open market, using half to reward stakers and burning the other half. This strategy aims to increase the value of the remaining tokens over time.

Just like any other utility token, the RBLK token is a big part of Rollblock’s ecosystem. If you invest in RBLK, you are set to receive multiple VIP benefits within the ecosystem. These perks include exclusive access to VIP games and the opportunity to earn passive income through Rollblock’s revenue sharing plan. 

 Meanwhile, the native token specifically increased from $0.01 to $0.012 in the second presale stage. However, with the ongoing interest in the GameFi market and Rollblock’s upcoming integration of sports staking, the platform should rank among top altcoins this year. Although its features are one factor that could catalyze this, Rollblock’s listing on CEX and DEX platforms is expected to set its growth pace in the altcoin market.

Positive Momentum Spurs Around Ripple (XRP) ETFs Being Approved

According to the recent developments and news concerning Ripple coin, the token is indicating mixed sentiments in the crypto community. While Ripple has been in a long-standing lawsuit with SEC (Securities for Exchange and Commission), the altcoin market is still somewhat positive about XRP ETFs being approved. 

Recently, an XRP ledger validator with the X handle, @Vet_X0 conducted a poll on X which showcased a 65% vote that XRP ETFs will be approved next year. Meanwhile, Ripple token holders are anxiously awaiting a court ruling in the long-standing SEC vs. Ripple lawsuit, which has been ongoing since 2020. Regardless, Ripple coin may as well rank amongst top altcoins to buy next year.

Pepe Coin Sees Three All-Time Highs In Less Than 2 Months

Pepe coin has easily established itself as a potential continuing gainer this year. The meme coin had seen up to three price spikes to all-time high prices, starting from twelve days ago. To be precise, on May 16th, Pepe reached an ATH price of $0.00001151 as the meme coin market began a rally. 

Later on the 22nd, Pepe reached a new ATH price of $0.00001258, which was particularly accompanied with a new market cap high of around $5.3B. Now Pepe is looking to continue its bullish streak as it sees another ATH of $0.00001717 just recently. Subsequently, Pepe has also reached a new market cap high of over $7B.

Will Rollblock Have A Mobile Application for Portable Gameplay That Distinguishes it From PEPE and XRP?

Certainly! Rollblock’s vision in the GameFi market includes easy accessibility; hence, the platform is developing apps that  are compatible with both iOs and Android to further enhance portable gaming experience.

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