PwC Partners With OpenAI As First Reseller In AI Industry

PwC signed an agreement with OpenAI on Wednesday to become the largest enterprise user and the company’s first reselling partner in the artificial intelligence space.

TakeAway Points:

  • PwC and Microsoft-backed AI startup OpenAI inked a deal on Wednesday for PwC to provide ChatGPT Enterprise, the business-focused variant of its generative AI chatbot, to staff members and customers.
  • According to PwC, the agreement will provide its employees and clients with access to OpenAI’s most recent technologies, such as its ChatGPT-4o model and new speech and image-focused capabilities.
  • For the first time, OpenAI has decided to offer its well-liked AI products on a resale basis. The financially troubled company is increasingly exploring methods to monetize AI.

PWC Collaborates with OpenAI

The Microsoft-backed company, ChatGPT Enterprise, is a business-focused version of its generative AI chatbot that the Big Four accounting firm says its U.S. and U.K. companies have signed a deal to make available to staff and clients.

The partnership will “expand our technology ecosystem, bring GenAI deeper into our enterprise, and enable us to scale AI capabilities across businesses to help drive accelerated impact for clients,” PwC said in a blog post on Wednesday.

The Agreement Terms

According to PwC, the agreement will give its clients and staff in the United States and the United Kingdom access to the newest OpenAI tools, such as the recently unveiled ChatGPT-4o model and other speech and image-focused features.

“By being on the forefront of OpenAI’s models and as the first company to announce integration into its practice, we are uniquely positioned to help clients leverage ChatGPT Enterprise for better and faster ways of working,” PwC said in its post.

According to the Wall Street Journal’s previous report, more than 100,000 employees—26,000 in the United Kingdom and 75,000 in the United States—will receive ChatGPT Enterprise licences from PwC. PwC did not specify the number of workers who would use ChatGPT Enterprise.

“By embracing ChatGPT Enterprise across our workforce, we will bring our first-hand experience of our AI transformation to clients, complementing our audit, tax and consulting services with a broad array of business and industry solutions,” the company said.

Generating Revenue with AI

Noteably, this is the first time that OpenAI has agreed to sell its well-liked AI products through resale.

According to reports, the enormous computing expenses connected with generative AI are costing the corporation hundreds of millions of dollars.

Its approach to monetizing AI has been shifting more and more towards enterprise sales and premium subscriptions.

OpenAI introduced ChatGPT Plus, a premium edition, in February 2023. In August of that same year, OpenAI introduced ChatGPT Enterprise, a more secure chatbot geared towards enterprises.

PwC’s larger initiative into AI includes the agreement that was disclosed on Wednesday.

PwC declared in April of last year that it plans to invest $1 billion over the course of three years to develop and scale its artificial intelligence capabilities.

According to PwC, it has been creating customised GPTs to assist its employees with reviewing tax returns, producing proposal responses, and creating dashboards and reports.

PwC claims to have found over 3,000 internal use cases across several industries, and that it has been assisting its clients in expediting the implementation of generative AI.

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