Web3 Platform ZTX to Bring to Life Genesis Homes NFTs in the Upcoming Beta Update

  • ZTX Genesis Homes are the flagship NFTs for the ZTX metaverse platform that respective owners can modify accordingly.
  • Running on the top-tier, Ethereum-based Arbitrum (ARB) network, Genesis Homes sold out on their OpenSea marketplace debut.
  • Following the ZTX Beta update, the Genesis Homes owner can now unlock more benefits and exclusive opportunities.

After more than six months of meticulous testing and development, the ZTX web3 platform has announced that Genesis Homes will be available in the ZTX beta application. The update scheduled for the second week of March will ensure all Genesis Homes owners can enjoy and explore their virtual real estate in the immersive ZTX world. 

As a result, the Genesis Homes NFT owners can begin to reap the benefits of their patience on a successful GamiFi project amid the mainstream adoption of digital assets and blockchain technology.

“We are ecstatic to finally bring to life the Genesis Homes as an explorable part of the immersive ZTX world. Users will be able to walk inside their bespoke Genesis Homes and enjoy one-of-a-kind interior and exterior experiences. Homeowners will also be able to gradually unlock more benefits and exclusive opportunities available to them via the Genesis Home NFTs,” Alexx, Chief Futurist at ZTX, noted.

ZTX Genesis Homes NFT Comes to Life

The ZTX team has been working to have a ready immersive web3 environment amid the confirmed crypto bull market. The GamiFi ecosystem has been identified as the topt candidate to onboard millions of users to the web3 space and digital assets. 

The Genesis Homes, which include 4,000 bespoke 3D-rendered District Homes, are the first NFT mint collection to be released on the ZTX web3 platform. Notably, the ZTX Genesis Homes were listed and sold out on the OpenSea NFT marketplace in August 2023. Running on the leading Ethereum-based layer two (L2) scaling solution, Arbitrum (ARB), the ZTX Genesis Homes NFTs have attracted more than 1k unique owners.

The ZTX Genesis Homes have four District Homes including the Financial District, Fashion District, Arts District, and Games District. Over the past months, the Genesis Homes owners have been engaging in different immersive activities including harvesting, crafting, and trading of different items. 

The ZTX platform has announced that the time to bring Genesis Homes to life is now after receiving several gifts including the $ZTX token airdrop. 

“The ZTX team has previously communicated plans to offer a wider range of experiences connected to Genesis Homes, such as rentals or loans, that ultimately empower homeowners and non-homeowners to collectively reap the profits of the digital real estate collection. Such plans remain on track and the team is expected to follow up soon with more updates and features for its beta application,” the announcement emphasized.

Market Picture

The integration of the ZTX Genesis Homes to the metaverse beta platform will be a huge boost to the $ZTX token. Furthermore, the $ZTX tokens are used for governance participation, in-game utility, and as the default payment method for the ZTX metaverse ecosystem. According to the latest market data, the ZTX token has a fully diluted valuation (FDV) of around $313 million and an average 24-hour trading volume of about $5.4 million. 

Backed by reputable investors – including Jump Crypto, Parataxis, MZ Web3 Fund, and Everest Ventures Group, among others – the ZTX platform has grown into a mature and stable web3 ecosystem. Last year,, the ZTX platform managed to raise $13 million at the height of the crypto bear market. 

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