Partisia Blockchain's 100 Million $MPCs Grants: Paving the Way for Token Adoption at Scale

The Partisia Blockchain Foundation, a pioneer in privacy-centric and interoperable blockchain solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its Grants Program. Aimed at fueling innovation within the blockchain ecosystem, this program is set to provide crucial financial support to projects that leverage the unique features of the Partisia Blockchain to address pressing challenges in privacy, interoperability, and scalability.

The Grants Program is open to entrepreneurs, developers, and innovators worldwide with projects that not only solve significant problems but also demonstrate a clear path to commercial viability and scalability. Successful applicants will receive funding in $MPC tokens, along with access to a vast network of industry experts and resources to bring their vision to reality.

Co-founder of the Partisia Blockchain, Brian Gallagher, remarked, “We are at a pivotal moment in the evolution of blockchain technology. The Partisia Blockchain Grants Program represents our commitment to supporting projects that share our vision of a more private, interoperable, and scalable blockchain ecosystem. We believe in empowering developers and entrepreneurs to build solutions that can truly make a difference in the world.”

Discover Grant Opportunities

Comprehensive Grants

These grants provide up to 250,000 $MPC tokens and are tailored for startups and enterprises aiming to launch new ventures or expand through significant integrations. These grants support the development and scaling of substantial business models, enhancing the blockchain ecosystem’s capabilities. Interested applicants can view the application guidelines and submit their proposals at

Accelerated Grants

Offering up to 20,000 $MPC tokens, these grants are designed for smaller teams eager to develop initial project prototypes, community tools, or minor integrations. This streamlined grant process supports rapid development and testing of innovative ideas within the blockchain space. To apply or learn more, visit

Applications for the Grants Program are now open, with the foundation seeking proposals that exhibit a strong understanding of the Partisia Blockchain’s capabilities, a detailed financial and growth model, and a clear benefit to the broader blockchain community.

About Partisia Blockchain The Partisia Blockchain is designed from the ground up to address the key challenges of privacy, interoperability, and scalability in the blockchain space. By combining cutting-edge cryptographic solutions with a novel consensus mechanism, Partisia Blockchain aims to set new standards in secure and efficient blockchain operations. Unlock your project’s potential with Partisia Blockchain’s 100 Million $MPCs Grants Program for ecosystem growth and mass token adoption.

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