How To Make A Discord Server: A Step-By-Step Guide

Discord is best known as a streaming site where gamers can create virtual gaming hangouts with their followers. However, the potential for discord stretches beyond gaming, offering small businesses and content creators a haven to communicate and engage with people directly. With over 175 million monthly active users in 2022, Discord offers plenty of exposure for individuals, businesses, and creators.

But how do you get started? Keep reading as we explain more about Discord and provide a step-by-step guide for setting up your server.

What is a Discord server, and what can I use it for?

A Discord server is a platform for communicating with your subscribers and sharing content in the form of videos, photos, video chats, voice notes, and instant messaging. It allows a large number of people to gather and communicate in one place.

Here are some examples of how Discord servers can be used:

  • Live Streams: Stream gameplay, unboxing, product reviews, and more to engage with users as you engage in an activity together.
  • Customer Support: You can offer customer support to your Discord subscribers using the direct chat function.
  • Rewards And Paid Subscriptions: Offer exclusive deals, content, and freebies by establishing a private Discord server.
  • Sharing Videos And Images: Create a topic-related channel and share videos and images related to that topic with users from across the globe.

Discord is a platform you can mould to your will. You can create a server for your business, content, or hobby and gain the opportunity to invite others to share the moment with you and increase engagement.

What should I consider before using Discord for my brand?

Before you begin using Discord to promote your brand, or to broaden your engagement horizons as a content creator, you should know that Discord does not offer traditional on-site advertisements like banner ads or sponsored content. 

While the platform’s new sponsored Quests feature allows game developers to encourage gameplay sharing in return for exclusive in-game rewards, the service is currently quite limited and not intended to act in the same way as traditional paid ad formats.

This means, at present, Discord is best utilized to grow communities and generate captivated audiences who can then be directed to engage with off-site content on your own platforms. When considering the potential benefits of promoting yourself on Discord, it’s also important to understand the potential differences between developing marketing campaigns as a brand and monetizing your efforts as a content creator.

For brands, effective marketing efforts will typically involve practices like sponsoring gaming tournaments or promoting engaging content intended to drive traffic to external platforms; a more in-depth analysis can be found in this guide to Discord advertising. For content creators, monetizing your server through server subscriptions might be a more appropriate approach, with Discord’s Content Creator FAQ offering some key insights into this pursuit. 

Either way, creating a Discord server and using it as a space to grow communities centred on engaging content can be a great way to use Discord as a marketing tool. You can utilize apps like Wildfire to enhance your server growth and monetize your community or showcase your brand to engaged communities and fans. 

Logan Jory, founder of Wildfire, shared the following insights on how to benefit from Discord monetization:

“We offer brand partnerships to selected communities based on the brand fit that our team and technology identify. We have 200 communities that we work with in this way, comprising 19 million members across the platform so you’re in good hands if you either want to market to the hard-to-reach young male audience on Discord, or monetise your server in a way that’s not been possible before.”

Setting up a Discord server doesn’t require tech wizardry. You may not know what a server is, but the platform’s intuitive design and instructions have your back. They make the process as simple as pressing a few buttons. 

Step 1: Download Discord and make your account

Depending on your device, you may wish to access Discord via the browser. However, the app offers better device compatibility for tablets and phones. Once you have loaded the browser page or downloaded the app, you can set up your account using your email, date of birth, and chosen password. 

During this step, you can also set your display name and username. Choose a username associated with your identity as a creator, your business, or your content.

Step 2: Select ‘Create a server’

Once you have logged into your account, you will see a ‘Create Server’ button on the homepage. Some things to keep in mind before you start include:

  • Whether you’d like a public or private server: Any user can join a public server, but users will need permission to enter your private server.
  • Your server name will indicate your server’s overarching theme or topic, so choose carefully.

Once you have created your server parameters, you should review them to ensure all information is correct. Then, once you’re happy with it, click ‘Create’ to finalize the process.

Step 3: Begin creating channels and sharing content

Once you have your main server, you can create topics or channels dedicated to specific aspects of your business, content, or personal interests.

Summing up

Businesses, brands, creators, and hobbyists alike can use Discord to actively and responsively engage with their following. Getting started on Discord involves establishing your server with a clear vision for your content. However, marketing on an ad-free app can present challenges, which is why Discord marketing tools like Wildfire can help you acclimatize. Consider whether Discord is the right platform to establish more connections with your target audience.

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