AI Evolution: ALAYA AI's Community-Powered Future

In the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, ALAYA AI emerges as a trailblazer, introducing a groundbreaking platform that seamlessly intertwines data collection, annotation, and social commerce.

Addressing the diverse needs of the AI industry, ALAYA AI prioritizes user privacy, ownership protection, and the creation of scalable, high-quality data. The platform envisions not only fostering a sustainable economic system but also contributing to the social sharing economy through a comprehensive user knowledge payment system.

Social Commerce: Connecting Communities and AI

ALAYA AI disrupts the conventional approach to data-driven technologies by bridging the gap between communities, artificial intelligence, and data. The platform’s Social Commerce feature creates a dynamic ecosystem where users can contribute valuable data, enjoying robust protection of their ownership and privacy rights.

Engaging User Experience with Rewards

ALAYA AI introduces an entertaining quiz feature designed not only to enhance user knowledge but also to reward participants with digital assets. Users equipped with Alaya AI NFTs actively engage in ecological tasks, becoming crucial AI data sources and unlocking platform incentives.

Secure Digital Asset Trading with Blockchain and AI Integration

The platform pioneers a cutting-edge marketplace for secure and efficient NFT trading. Through the integration of blockchain and AI technologies, ALAYA AI establishes a transparent and trustworthy trading environment, opening new possibilities for digital asset enthusiasts.

Comprehensive User Manual for Seamless Interaction

To ensure a user-friendly experience, ALAYA AI prioritizes simplicity and directness. The comprehensive user manual covers everything from registration to quiz participation, data task completion, and market browsing. Users can seamlessly participate in the era of AI evolution and personal knowledge charging without cumbersome application processes.

Key Features Driving Sustainable Growth

ALAYA AI empowers users to generate revenue through diverse channels, including answering questions, pledging, and trading NFTs, contributing to the platform’s long-term sustainability. The platform’s assignment algorithms ensure fair and cost-effective job evaluation, fostering collaboration within the intelligent community.

Community Expansion and Group Intelligence

ALAYA AI brings together a diverse and creative user base, forming a tightly connected community of mass volunteers. This community-driven approach enhances user stickiness and radiates influence outward to the general public. The platform emphasizes the importance of “tiny” data, focusing on high-quality data needed for generating business insights and automating decisions.

Current Product Stage and User Interaction

Alaya AI rolled out products 1.0 and 2.0 in June and August 2023, deployed on Arbitrum, ranking among the top 15 in chain activity. Covering East Asia, India, Southeast Asia, and other regions, the platform boasts 400K+ registered users, with 15K daily users and a minimum of 1500 on-chain interactions per day. Users can receive daily rewards in ETH and AIA tokens.


ALAYA AI stands at the forefront of reshaping AI data platforms, seamlessly integrating social commerce, engaging quizzes, and secure digital asset trading. The platform’s commitment to privacy, ownership protection, and high-quality data positions it as a leader in the AI industry.

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